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California City Animal Shelter needs HELP!

Posted: May 28 2017

As you may or may not know, the 3 of us that run and operate Backbite are dog fanatics. We have 7 dogs between us, and have fostered, rescued, and helped others adopt dogs in need. Nothing brings us more joy than the ability to use this platform that we've made to help more dogs that need it.



Below is a current unfortunate situation that could use any and all help, from a California shelter we've been in close contact with. 

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California City Animal Shelter
employees are in tears and stressed to no end.  As of this Memorial Day weekend, they've become overwhelmed with 34 homeless/dumped/mistreated dogs.

They only have 18 kennels, 10 of 34 dogs are currently being boarded (at $10 each per night, with only 10 total kennels available at a time for boarding). 5 of the 34 have been given foster homes, but they are out of options, and need major help, or DOGS WILL DIE

Visit California City Animal Shelter:

View the adoptable dogs in this post HERE

Click on any of these photos to go directly to the GoFundMe page to read the story, and if you are able to - donate to help these sweet babies.

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