Feature Friday: Lindsey Vorhees

Posted on November 02 2018

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A woman of many talents and good friend of ours, we bring to you a stained glass queen & owner of The Glass Revolver: 

Hi Lindsey! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hmmm alright here's me in a nutshell:

In addition to making stained glass, I am also a bartender. Basically on any given day you can find me at my workbench until the sun goes down or until I have to head to my “night job”. When I’m not working, I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, hiking, swimming & riding motorcycles.. I love to travel, even if its only getting out of the city for 24 hours, I’m there. I have a little mutt - her name is Axl. My friend rescued her after she was hit by car about 4 years ago and she’s been attached to my side ever since.

What sparked your interest and inspired you to begin working with glass?

I had been in a creative and mental rut for a while. I used to draw a bit, play the piano, and write, but nothing did sparked my interest or really fulfilled me like it used to. I was watching the sunset one evening and started daydreaming about what it would look like through different colors, patterns, and shapes, when I got the brilliant idea to research stained glass. It turned out there was a supply store that offered classes literally right up the street from house, so I called and began taking classes that week!

After getting comfortable creating glass pieces, are you more perceptive to things you weren’t before?

Absolutely. I’m constantly noticing things and details I never have before. I see how many buildings and houses have vintage stained glass. When I see certain murals or shapes I seem to think to myself “that would look cool as a glass piece”. Old churches are where my mind goes wild, though.

Do you have a routine or specific things you do to get in the groove to work on a project?

I pretty much just drink my bodyweight in coffee, put on a podcast, or blast some music and tune out the rest of the world until I’m finished.

The possibilities seem endless - how do you make decisions on what to make?

Well, commissions are pretty straightforward. It’s a fun challenge to turn an idea from someone else into an object. When I’m deciding what I want to make for myself or to put in my store, I tend to get out of town for a while. There’s no better inspiration like nature - the ocean, desert and forest, natural color and lighting. My style has evolved quite a bit, but I love the color designs of the southwest, flowers, reptiles, birds, & swords too.

What about being an artist do you find most fulfilling?

I love starting out my day with all these ideas and visions that I want to create and by the end of the day, I love that I put what was in my head into a tangible piece of art. I love the final touches and being able to hold what I made, ending my day with 'yes, I made this with my own hands' and I have some beautiful to show for my time. I also have found a lovely community of strong women artists who support and encourage each other in what we all do.

On top of stained glass being super creative, it also seems incredibly technical, too, right? Do you enjoy that aspect?

YES. And I drive myself crazy! I can spend hours on one small part or piece because I think the slightest thing is “off”. But once I finally get it to be perfect in my mind I get so much satisfaction, hahahahaha.

Working with glass has got to take a TON of patience. Do you ever feel defeated? If so, how do you overcome that?

So much patience. Tears. Profanity. And almost losing my mind is a daily occurrence. With almost every piece I make I have some sort of self doubt throughout the process. But over the years I’ve learned to just power through it all. Usually I will have a few pieces going at once, so if I reach my wits end with one thing I can distract myself by switching it up and focusing on a new project before coming back to the original with a new set of eyes and clear mind.
It comes with the territory when creating art and putting yourself out there, but I can’t help thinking from time to time “am I even doing this right ?!?!?!"

Regarding glass, what’s the most common question you get asked?

The main question I get asked is “so how do you do it?”. I ask how much time they’ve got and then launch into my prepared and detailed step-by-step breakdown of everything I do. They usually get bored a few minutes into me describing it :)

Any advice for anyone interested in learning stained glass?

If you are serious - take classes!!!!!!! I went every Tuesday from 9am-12 for a year and a half! Don’t try to learn from youtube or just winging it. Take the time and learn the proper process.

And finally, for anyone interested in your work - do you do requests? If so, what’s the best way for someone to go about commissioning?

Instagram or email. Super simple!


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The Glass Revolver

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