Handcrafted Werewolf Mask

$ 90

Gotta give some backstory for this one:
A couple months back, I was taken into a small workroom by some antique dealers I had just become friends with, and it was there where I saw Heriberto Solorzano in his clay covered apron, creating the most incredible creatures, monsters, aliens, animals, you name it- out of latex, silicone, and too many materials for me to start listing off. Some towering taller than I am, some tiny, some existing characters and some he'd made up. I was completely blown away and of course started fan-girling over this talented man, mesmerized by the characters and worlds he created with his hands. He makes props for movies, all the way down to creating giant fake horns to attach to a taxidermy animal for a private client. I asked him how long he'd been doing it, and he said he first started molding superheroes when he was 7 years old. I asked if he'd be interested in selling them to me to sell on my online shop, and he agreed. These were purchased at his price- I do not haggle or try to undercut talented people to sell their work. I just love sharing it and I just love these masks. They're totally wearable (a bit big for my head), but I keep them in my studio on a mannequin head and am obsessed with how they look just as room decor, as you can see in my photos, which are all in my studio. I also like to put hats on them because it's hilarious and also a perfect hat holder. I hope you guys enjoy this little collection of latex monster masks I got from Heriberto. More to come soon.

Werewolf Mask: Hand shaped, turned into a mold to create the mask, and then hand painted. The eyes and nostrils are cut out for wearability. Access latex left so you can tuck it under a shirt or jacket if you do wear it (seen in photo). It's very thin and does have some holes, but I think it makes it look even cooler, like he actually comes alive at night to hunt people and vampires.

Top middle head to side jaw: 10"
Top middle head to chin: 13"

Mannequin head not included.

Thank you for supporting local Los Angeles artists!