Hell Is Other People • Custom Vintage Thermal

$ 80


Another snooty (but true?) creation by Backbite Co-owner Casey ~ From the same region of her brain that created our Small Talk t-shirt, it's hot-blooded younger sister was born. And you can now walk around letting everyone know that you think they're hell.

All thermals are specially handpicked and selected with disgruntled and disheveled folks in mind. Each vintage shirt will vary in size, shape, brand, amount of wear, and white to off-white color. It may have holes, runs, or small staining, like we love 'em. The photo is a depiction similar to what you'll be receiving.


Waist/Chest: Ranging from 12"- 16"
Length: Ranging from 20"- 28"


Waist/Chest: Ranging from 17" - 25"
Length: Ranging from 23" - 29"


Pre-ordered thermals will be made on a hand selected vintage top and shipped within 1-3 weeks. (Possibly later if requests are made as it depends on stock)

Casey is the only one who both hand selects and customizes each vintage shirt/tank top, so we appreciate your patience if your order is a few days behind. We are only getting busier, folks! 😅 If you can't hold out or are mega concerned about your pre-order, please email her directly by clicking here and she will get back to you within a few days. Thank you!


hell is other people vintage thermal from backbite