Jimi Hendrix South Saturn Motorcycle Wall Plaque

$ 70


Item Description:
Custom made by Backbite co-owner Casey, we've got a limited amount of live-edge tree slice plaques available for pre-order. Stained, lacquered, lacquered again...and again, and is secured by a metal sawtooth backing for wall hanging.
The option to have 3 small hooks put onto the plaque is available, if you'd like to use this baby for your keys or jewelry.

Handmade, so not factory-perfect, but that's what makes these special. Each slice varies in size, but the general size ranges within the measurements listed below. The front side is stained and lacquered, which takes around 2 weeks to cure. The backside is left raw and unfinished with a sawtooth hanger for wall mounting.

Height: Between 9" - 11"
Width: Between 7" - 9"

*Wood plaques are custom made to order and require a setting time of 2 weeks to cure. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipment*