The OG-107 was the basic work utility uniform, also known as fatigues, of all branches of the US Armed Forces. They were made for US Army soldiers for training and utility work purposes, however, the green army pants later started to be worn by civil workers, especially by bakers, due to their comfort. Because of this, OG-107 pants are also referred to as "baker" pants. 

Besides always loving and wearing military or military-influenced clothing, I grew up in the country and watched my dad wear and work in a pair of Levi's every day until they basically fell apart, then he'd buy a new pair and repeat. When I was old enough to fit into them, I'd take the discarded worn-to-shreds, oil stained pair, and cut them into shorts or sew some patches onto them to wear for another few years. I still have some of them to this day.

My love of denim, workwear, and durability has come naturally but after working in the wildlife/land conservation field while living in Belize last year doing very physical manual labor outdoors at Belize Zoo, my love for workwear and tactical clothing grew to a new, you could say, obsessive, level. I want the clothes I make to be practical and comfortable, strong and durable- ready for a day of physical work or to be worn out to a bar. You'll get your money's worth with these! 

I can confidently say after wearing the OG-107 Camo pants nearly every day for a month and a half (no exaggeration- I look forward to putting them on every day), and after about 15-20 washes in all water temperatures and drying at medium-high heat, these are quality tested and approved and just keep getting better.

I really hope you guys love them as much as I do.
Your pre-order will help me fund finishing the collection (I've invested all I've got into this) to have samples in a range of sizes made to shoot on a variety of body types, and so much more.
Thank you endlessly for your support! I'm so damn grateful for every order. Each one helps me keep this shop (and myself) going after losing almost everything last year, and I don't take any of that for granted.
Backbite Owner/Designer
Pants made ethically and beautifully in Los Angeles by denim extraordinaire Alex Andronescu

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