Why does Backbite only carry a limited range of sizes?
Inclusivity is so important to me and I am actively working towards being able to get more patterns graded, samples made, and then photographed on bodies of all sizes (I currently photograph everything on myself due to financial limitations, being extremely overwhelmed by my current workload which has been exacerbated by worsening physical/mental health issues, and a string of very bad luck/unexpected circumstances the past year and a half (especially the last few months) which really set me back from having this accomplished by now. The pattern-making process alone this year has been wildly challenging and extremely expensive due to moving into high quality denim production. I am so passionate about ethically-made high quality clothing that will last for a long time (anti fast fashion), so I have invested into that process with the intention of expanding sizing as soon I'm able to.
(Full transparency: receiving orders helps to speed up everything- I can't make anything new if I don't have the money to do so, and with current sales I'm barely scraping by to keep the business going. I've wrestled with knowing that I need to raise my prices to be able to pay myself a living wage, but I'm scared to do this and receive even less sales. I am currently exploring different options.)
I will be making more comprehensive size charts as well as showing the clothing on a variety of bodies as soon as possible. As mentioned all over the site, I run Backbite alone so everything takes much longer since I operate and finance everything by myself. I will post updates as they happen, usually on Instagram or on TikTok. Stay tuned and thank you so much for your support! <3

Updates as of 12/10/21:

-Currently waiting on lingerie samples in different sizes and will get them photographed on different body types with a detailed size chart as soon as they are completed later this week). 

-Will be ordering extra samples with my next production order of denim (if I can afford to) this month in different sizes to photograph.

-Will be offering a wider range of sizes over time- each style will need to be graded and have a sample made, which is extremely expensive to do with local small batch manufacturing.

-Recently joined TikTok ( @backbite_ ) and will be posting more videos and details about fit and sizing questions once I get the product and get the hang of using the app! 

-I've posted several times to Instagram in search of models of a wider variety of sizes, but only receive emails from people who are size 28/30 and under. If you are size 30 and above and are interested in modeling for trade when I have new samples, please send me an email: brit@shopbackbite.com

Thank you so much for your patience and support while I work on improving Backbite and making it much more inclusive. I'm not at all comfortable with how the site is right now since it almost exclusively shows the clothing worn by me, so I wanted to write a public note explaining why it's taking longer to make these changes and that it's current state is not an intentional choice, it's just the best I can manage at the moment. Thank you for your understanding and continued support while I continue to try to rebuild the business after nearly losing it last year- it means the absolute world to me. 


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