1970s EASYRIDER Mag Custom Wood Slice Keychains

$ 20

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We've got these again! Long ago, Casey customized wood tree slice keychains as well as decorative tree slice hangers, for Backbite. The keychains were found during a road trip in a trinket shop owned by a 90 year old man in a little Arizona town. For most of the year, it's completely sweltering inside his desert shop of oddities, but day in and day out, he runs and operates this little wonderful place all by himself, and loves to tell the stories behind all of his little treasures. So, it's been awhile, but Casey went back, and got more of these wood slices that he's had covered in dust on a shelf for years.

The keychains have since been cleaned, stained, and customized with classic art and comics taken directly from collected 1970s Easyrider magazines, before they're lacquered onto the wood.

We've only got a couple of each style, and aren't sure when we will be back to visit our favorite small town Arizona shop again, so don't wait to get one of these - when they're gone, they may be gone forever!


Sizes vary, but the wood slices are around 2" x 1.5"