'70s Perfectly Worn 50/50 Camo Shirt + 1960s Puerto Rico Patch

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We really didn't want to let this one go, honestly. It's not often we come across a long-sleeve 50/50 army shirt like this. AND ringer style? AND a breast pocket? This perfectly aged crew neck is worn so slinky soft, and includes a hand sewn vintage military patch that reads "Puerto Rico" with the coolest checkered border around a simple embroidered skull.

Worn, thin, soft, faded, with small holes & runs, and patch is hand sewn onto the garment.

Brand: Black Sheep, Dallas TX; WPL 12993
Size: M
Fiber Content: 50% Polyester 50% Cotton

Bust: 19"
Sleeves: 18.5"
Length: 22.5"

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