Bangin' On A Trash Can Pt 1 🎸 Vintage Musician Lapel Pins

$ 10


Welcome to the Backbite pin stop! Here we have a rad selection of 70s-80s musician and band lapel pins, collected over the years by owner Casey, and ready to accompany your embellished bag or jacket. Or maybe to start your ever-growing lapel pin collection? 

Top to bottom - left to right:

Def Leppard (Top left/Red and Blue): 1" x 1"
Quiet Riot (Top middle/Round): 1" x 1"
Loverboy: 1.25" x 1"
Journey Blue Guitar: 1.5" x .5"
Duran Duran: 1.15" 1.15"
Pretenders: SOLD
The Who: SOLD
Men Without Hats: 1" x 1"
Quiet Riot (Band Members/Round): 1" x 1"
Journey Black Guitar: 1.5" x .5"
Journey (Black/Round): SOLD
Quiet Riot (Bottom Left/Words): 1" x .75"
The Cars: SOLD
Def Leppard (Bottom Right/Red): 1" x 1"

Most have some wear, some have little. All are vintage, and all each come with a butterfly pinback clasp.