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Item Description:
Authentic Belizean jaguar (Panthera onca) paw print made using non-toxic acrylic paint on cardstock paper while the jaguar was sedated during a routine vet check-up or procedure. Most of these were taken during Cornell's vet program visit in January 2020. These are extremely special items and I sincerely hope they find homes in which they will be appreciated and preserved.
These prints are 100% harm-free and are a common way for animal non-profits to raise much needed funds. Written on the back of each card is the name of the jaguar who's paw print it is and most have dates they were taken. Some of the writing is hard to read in photos.
Each print is on card stock paper and is about about 4x4"
Afterpay is available if you would like to pay in installments. 

About Jaguars:
"The jaguar is threatened by habitat losshabitat fragmentationpoaching for trade with its body parts and killings in human–wildlife conflict situations, particularly with ranchers in Central and South America. It has been listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List since 2002. The wild population is thought to have declined since the late 1990s.
Priority areas for jaguar conservation comprise 51 Jaguar Conservation Units, defined as large areas inhabited by at least 50 breeding jaguars. The JCUs are located in 36 geographic regions ranging from Mexico to Argentina.

The jaguar has featured prominently in the mythology of numerous indigenous peoples of the Americas, including those of the Maya and Aztec civilizations." via Wikipedia. More jaguar facts here!

About Belize Zoo:
The Belize Zoo is non-profit organization home to over 200 animals, representing over 45 native species. The Zoo houses animals which were orphaned, rescued, born at the zoo, have special needs, rehabilitated animals, or sent to The Belize Zoo as donations from other zoological institutions for crucial genetic diversity. The animals are NEVER bred for captivity and this institution is absolutely nothing like the atrocities you may see on TV or online wherein wild animals are bred and imprisoned for human entertainment. The Belize Zoo does extremely important conservation work throughout the country, such as protecting hundreds of acres of land in the wildlife corridor, home to some of the most diverse population of wildlife in Central America. They also do local outreach and education for schools including providing supplies, host educational events (the zoo in itself is an extremely education field trip for underfunded schools), host world renowned colleges and organizations, among so much else. Your purchase will directly impact the Zoo's ability to feed and care for their animals, staff, and continue their conservation work to preserve and protect Belize and their natural resources, especially jaguars.
Please click here to read about how the Belize Zoo started, and still operates, the Jaguar Rehab Program.

Check out the Zoo's work at or on Instagram @belizezoo

The Belize Zoo will receive all proceeds from these sales, which will only exclude a small amount to cover transaction fees, taxes, and packaging on my end. I will not be personally profiting off the sale of these items. Receipts will be provided via Instagram.

Please order the number corresponding with the print you would like to purchase. Corresponding numbers can be found in the second image.

1.1: Lindo / Male Jaguar
1.2: Sylvia / Female Jaguar
1.3: Justice aka JJ / Male Jaguar
1.4: Sylvia / Female Jaguar 
1.5: Lindo / Male Jaguar (on red glitter cardstock)
1.6: Lindo / Male Jaguar


Belize Zoo sales are final. Thank you so much for your support. 

Read below for the long and more personal version of how these items were acquired and why they are being sold here on Backbite:
These are among some of the items I brought back from The Belize Zoo at the end of June 2020, in an effort to raise money for them. The pandemic hit while I was there volunteering/planning to move there and return to LA every couple months for Backbite work, as I had just accepted my dream job as the Zoo's social media marketing manager. I was unfortunately unable to fulfill this position or my move to Belize due to Covid, and other events, that turned out to be massive catastrophic blows to Backbite and my personal life, leaving me with no choice but to start over in Los Angeles and leave my new life in Belize behind until I am in a stable position again. Despite this, I spent 6 months of 2020 in the trenches with the Belize Zoo team working over full-time doing everything hands-on from feeding, cleaning, fire prevention, repairs, food prep, marketing, photography, video, and so much more. I witnessed firsthand the massive toll the pandemic took, and is still taking, on this crucial non-profit establishment, started by my personal hero, Sharon Matola, who unexpectedly and very recently passed away, which has been extremely heartbreaking for the country of Belize, the Zoo, and myself. To read Sharon's extraordinary story, you can purchase her book here.

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