Amazing Studded Black Leather Scorpion Belt


Item Description:
A cherished piece from our personal collection: the most perfect black tooled leather belt with giant silver studs, smaller studs in between, and a 1980 oxidized metal scorpion buckle. It just doesn't get better than this.

Patina on metal, extra holes in belt, some scuffs and scrapes on leather.

Brand: Buckle- "Vinegar Room, Foundries 1980"
Size: Unmarked
Metal: Buckle- Pewter, Belt- Leather

Leather belt length: 33.5"
Smallest Fit: 30"
Largest Fit: 34.75"
Scorpion Length: 4.75", Height: 3.25"

*Brit wears a size 25/26 in jeans and this belt fits great on lower waisted pairs


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