Extremely Rare 👑'60s OOAK Studded North Beach Leather Whipstitched Leather Pants

$ 485 $ 750

Item Description:
North Beach Leather pants are the holy grail of all leather pants- there have been many copies over the years but NOTHING beats the original. Brit is an avid collector of these pants and these are her most prized piece in her entire vintage collection, hands down. She's been hanging onto these for years unable to part with them, but has decided to try to let them go. We have NEVER seen another like these, we have a very strong feeling they are one of a kind. These are museum quality, a true and authentic collector's item, and impossible to find again. We have priced them lower than what new pants of this quality from a designer would sell for. These are over 50 years old and in phenomenal condition. We hope they go to a great home that cherishes them as Brit has over the years.

These exceptional pants feature: buttery soft-as-can-be pale yellow leather, matching stitching, a lace-up front, matching yellow cord, flared legs, raw hem, and insanely beautiful and amazing studding detail down the legs. These are most likely one of a kind, custom made for someone in the 60s.
Read on for some awesome info on the backstory of Michael Hoban, the first designer for NBL:

"In 1967, the small shop was moved into the heart of San Francisco’s North Beach district, from which they took the name–North Beach Leather. Soon, they opened another in Berkeley, CA. As the center of the counterculture, Berkeley in the 1960s provided the perfect atmosphere for Hoban’s design. As his custom business began to expand, so did his list of clients. He made clothes for Black Panthers Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver and for many members of the Hell’s Angels. Elvis Presley came into the shop and spent $38,000 on an order of leather capes, pants, and jackets. Many other celebrities shopped at North Beach Leather, including Elton John, who bought a rainbow fringe jacket, and Sammy Davis, Jr., who purchased a red, white, and blue Captain America outfit. Hoban soon designed custom leather ensembles for popular recordings artists such as the Rolling Stones, Diana Ross, Paul McCartney, and Tina Turner."

A few marks and discolorations and some gashes/scrapes in leather but overall in astonishingly great condition for their age. The leather is BUTTERY soft- absolutely no dry, cracked, or stiff areas. Missing only 3 studs.

Brand: North Beach Leather, USA
Size: 30
Fiber Content: Leather (most likely deerskin)

Measurements laying flat:
Waist: 13" laced as tight as possible, can be unlaced to fit up to 15". (double this measurement for full circumference)
Hips: 17.5" (double this measurement for full circumference)
Rise: 11.5"
Inseam: 33"
Side Seam Length: 44"

Best Fits:
Check measurements! The leather is very soft and thin and will form to your body beautifully!

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