Freeway Chelsea Boot 1001 in Black/Blue Playa by PSKaufman – BACKBITE
  • Freeway Chelsea Boot 1001 in Black/Blue Playa by PSKaufman
  • Freeway Chelsea Boot 1001 in Black/Blue Playa by PSKaufman
  • Freeway Chelsea Boot 1001 in Black/Blue Playa by PSKaufman

Freeway Chelsea Boot 1001 in Black/Blue Playa by PSKaufman

$ 400.00

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We can't think of any better footwear to join the Backbite collection than the one and only, PSKaufman. Behold, the Freeway Chelsea Boot, model no.1001 in black/blue playa.  These boots are black leather, with a blue/black "wash" on them, giving them a STUNNING distressed look. (Please note, the photo taken of the boots on the red rug has a filtered effect on the leather, making them appear more blue than they do in person.) Did we mention that the soles are made from recycled tires? 

PSK playa... the dustiest boot of the pack! Each playa model is hand finished and washed endlessly with lava, a process which was developed and remains exclusive to PSKaufman... the outcome? Boots that have already trekked 10,000 miles in the desert without ever being worn!

Introducing the freeway construction: Inspired by the desire for modernity in the 50s and 60's… but mashed up with the work and western boot ethic of practicality. This construction features all the same details that make our shoes distinctive: soft leather uppers and signature turquoise leather lining and footbed that forms to your foot in time, making incredibly comfortable boots. Hand-lasted and sewn with a leather welt and leather midsole by genuine goodyear-welt construction, then nailed in the shank area for iron-like strength. Leather outsoles and toplifts of recycled tires using the lighttread (tm) process add lightweight flexibility, comfort and durability! The entire shoe is then hand-finished to ensure each shoe has its own unique character.


About PSKaufman:

With a firm belief in the value of making footwear that can be worn for decades, rather than months, PSKaufman... features goodyear-welted shoes and boots, made as they have been for over 100 years. Constructed by hand, as well as on ancient machinery, PSKaufman... footwear has traveled back in time to help the wearer walk stylishly into the future. modern comfort features, high quality, full-grain leather uppers and full-grain stretch leather linings form shoes built to last and last comfortably!

Lighttread(tm) re-purposed tire outsoles, diverted from landfills and incinerators, are added to PSKaufman... shoes and accessories, creating unique, lightweight, flexible and durable products, which helps the environment, while maintaining an equally important exceptional style quotient (esq).

In a time when fashion seems to devolve ever more quickly into spirals of meaningless consumption, PSKaufman... humbly strives to offer long-term alternatives to built-in obsolescence by offering quality products, the greenest option when it comes to footwear and accessories. Which is better for the environment, having to replace inferior products once a year (or more), or having products that last for decades? In a word, they’re cool, but classic enough and tough enough to wear for the next twenty years.

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