Hot Damn! Leather Aegean Cap + 23 Pins


Item Description:
To the one that snags this striking leather cap before anyone else gets to it first: you'll probably find yourself wondering often why everyone seems to be staring longingly at you, but refuse to make eye contact. Don't worry, they aren't being creepy and they don't mean to be rude, but this cap steals attention away from just about everything else. So, luckily if you hate eye contact, all you have to do is put this prime piece'a leather on your head, and all eyeballs gradually start staring higher! 
This features matching black embroidery on the leather trim with handcuffs closed around it (ps. handcuffs open and close!), 23 lapel pins (most all vintage), and an old embroidered Harley Davidson banner patch, making one helluva badass cap.

Leather has minimal wear, hand sewn patch, some pins have wear from age.

Brand: Unmarked (tag missing)
Size: X-Large
Fiber Content: Genuine Leather, exclusive of trim

Measured Size:
Circumference: 23"

Best Fits:
Check interior measurements for best fit!

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