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The classic velvet grommet pants, designed in 2011 and still a best seller! 
The Howl velvet grommet pants are ethically handmade by one tailor in Los Angeles in his home, not a factory. Each grommet is individually added and the laces are the last touch added by Brit while packaging the order.

The velvet grommet pants feature a high rise pants lace-up grommet front with black cotton cord and have comfortable and form-fitting stretch fit. The waist size is adjustable with the laces, simply pull them tighter for a snugger fit, or loosen them up for a larger fit. Check measurements below.
Keep in mind that if you pull the cords at their tightest fit, the row of grommets on each side will sit parallel to each other. If they are loosened, they will form more of a V shape. This is a personal preference you can decide on while ordering.

Fiber Content: Stretch cotton/poly velvet blend. Stretchy.
Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XXL


Waist: 21" laced tightest, 29" laced loosest. 
Hips: 30" 
Rise: 10.5"
Inseam: 28.5"

Waist: 22" laced tightest, 30" laced loosest. 
Hips: 32" 
Rise: 11"
Inseam: 28.5"

: 24" laced tightest, 31" laced loosest. 
Hips: 34.5" 
Rise: 11.5"
Inseam: 28.5"

Waist: 25" laced tightest, 33" laced loosest.
Hips: 37"
Rise: 12"
Inseam: 28.5"

Waist: 26" laced tightest, 35" laced loosest.
Hips: 40" 
Rise: 13"
Inseam: 28.5"

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