RAMBLE ON Custom Chain-Stitched Scorpion Skull Levi's Vest



Item Description:
HOLY HELL. Can an piece of clothing get any better that this?! Scorpions, skulls, and Zeppelin forever and ever amen.

With a taste and knack for style that so perfectly mimics our own, our wonderful talented friend has the ancient craft of chain-stitch embroidery practically running through his veins, as it's been taught and passed down in his family for over 70 years. He truly is the master of chain-stitching - and loves creating his artwork on old jackets nonetheless, using antique tools and old threads to go along with the vintage clothing that he collects and uses as a canvas. 

Chain stitch is a sewing and embroidery technique in which a series of looped stitches form a chain-like pattern. Chain stitch is an ancient craft - examples of surviving Chinese chain stitch embroidery worked in silk thread have been dated to the 5th – 3rd century BC. Chain-stitching the back of this jacket took about 7 hours. The pricing on these vintage jackets is higher in order to pay the skilled craftsmen what they deserve for their work and art. Rest assured that you will be purchasing something one of a kind, made by extremely skilled artists, and so so special. 

Worn-in and beat up with discolorations and fraying... just how we like 'em.

Brand: Levi's
Size: 44 R
Content: Cotton

Measurements laying flat:
Bust: 23"
Length: 23.5"

Best Fits:
One size fits most

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