What started off as trying to trap and fix two stray kittens and an adult female cat in my backyard has turned into a much needed controlled cat colony for my neighborhood. With the help of Persephone from nonprofit rescue Luxe Paws and my amazing neighbors who have lived here for over 10 years who have been so supportive, encouraging, and helpful- we have trapped, fixed, and released between 10 to 15 feral cats. These cats have no homes and due to Los Angeles being completed overwhelmed with stray cats (having to send them to the pacific northwest to be adopted because it's so out of control here), I have been unable to find any of them homes despite many becoming friendly, sociable, and loving after 6+ months of feeding them twice a day in my backyard. They are all fixed with their shots, and every new cat that comes around also gets trapped and fixed and their shots. Winter is here and they all need warm places to sleep instead of crawling under my house, which my landlord understandably doesn't want, and it's unsafe for them. I would like to make a portion of my backyard into a cat sanctuary for these sweet souls who deserve a home and will hopefully be able to find one eventually. Any donations are so appreciated. Since being unable to work with animals in Belize as I was on track to do but am now here in LA trying to rebuild my business, taking care of these feral cats and getting the overpopulation in my neighborhood under control has given me a sense of purpose and a lot of comfort. I feed anywhere between 10-20 homeless cats twice a day, not including my two indoor cats, so as you can imagine the costs add up quickly. Donations will not only help me with the financial side of this unexpected but loved undertaking, but it will benefit the cats so much as well, and make it possible for me and Luxe Paws to catch and release more. Thank you so much from the bottom of my crazy cat lady heart so anything you can donate.
Donations to support Backbite are also greatly needed to keep the business afloat due to the financial devastation of 2020 and being unable to receive help from the SBA or other financial institutions, as well as going through multiple health issues which has derailed much of my progress. Anything helps and is extremely appreciated during this challenging time.



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