More OG-107 pants being dyed and shipped out this week. I need to purchase more fabric for a couple pairs but they will be done and shipping out before mid-February. The Trainspotting pants pattern had an issue that I needed to get fixed which has taken longer than expected- it will be done this week and Trainspotting holiday orders will be shipping out within the next 2 weeks. Again, thank you so much for your patience during unexpected delays and issues. Backbite wouldn't still be operating without your support- it means the absolute world to me.



1/18 UPDATE:
OG-107 pants and vest holiday order production is finishing up this week! Non-dyed pants/vests will be shipping out first while I hand-dye the others, and then those will ship out soon after. Trainspotting pants production is still in the works and I will post an update again as soon as I have a confirmed completion date, but it should be by the end of the month. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PATIENCE!! :)


1/10 UPDATE:
Thank you so much to everyone who placed an order for Backbite Black Label pants during the holidays. Production is currently underway but my manufacturers are taking longer than normal due to the holidays, employee shortage from the Covid surge, and other production orders they have pending. 

My production orders must be placed in batches (meaning I can't order one pair of pants at a time) so all holiday orders are in a batch together. All fabric and trims have already been purchased and are with my manufacturer where they go through the process of being made ethically by high quality denim specialists: cutting, sewing, and finishing.

Small batch production is extremely different than fast fashion production, which you can read more about here

All holiday pants orders should be shipping out by the end of January, but I have not received an exact date from my manufacturer. I will update this as soon as he can give me a more exact time frame. Rest assured that your order is in the works and has not been forgotten or ignored. 

Due to having already purchased all the fabric and trims for the orders and because they are in the production process, I cannot offer refunds due to a production delay. In the FAQ section, I state that delivery times may take longer for a variety of reasons, including the holidays and sales. I am extremely appreciative of your patience and understanding, and truly believe these pants are worth the wait due to the quality, time, and care that goes into each and every pair. I will post an update as soon as I receive more information.

Thank you for supporting Backbite during such an unstable time for so many. Every single order makes a world of difference to me and quite literally keeps the lights on. Thank you for shopping small and for your amazing patience.


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